• What if translation speech is too loud or too quiet?

Connect earbuds, select the earbud you wish to adjust its volume on 'Devices' page in the APP.

  • What is the difference between '01' earbud and '02' earbud?

Check the LED lights. '01' has no 'eyebrow' above the bubble, while '02' has an 'eyebrow' above the bubble.

  • What if the earbuds are too loose or not comfortable to wear?

Check the packaging box for different sizes of earmuffs. If it is still too loose, use the ear-hook.

  • How to upgrade the firmware in the earbuds?

Connect earbuds to check if there is a RED DOT displaying on each earbud on 'Devices' page in the APP. You can click to upgrade.

  • What if the earbuds do not turn off when putting back in the charging case?

This means the charging case is out of battery, please recharge. The earbuds and charging case can be recharged at the same time.

  • What is the battery life?

Each earbud can operate for 5 hours; Each full-charged case provides 2 full charges.

  • How long is the recharge?

It takes approximately 90 minutes for both earbuds and charing case to be fully charged.

  • How do I know the status of remaining battery?

Put the earbuds back to charging case, the LED lights will indicate the remaining battery. 75-99% (4 flashes), 50-74% (3 flashes), 25-49% (2 flashes), <24% (flash once).