Usage/Language/Internet and More

1. Can I buy only one of the earbuds? Should we wear two earbuds at the same time? Can this translation headset be used by two people at the same time? 

No, you will get 2 earbuds at the same time and we don't sell one of them right now. 

Both sides need to wear one earphone and the two earphones can translate to each other. In simul mode, you don't need to press a button and speak, it will translate at the same time.

Explain: The WT2 Plus instant translator includes two earbuds, a detachable charging box, and an APP; both parties / multiple parties need to wear WT2 Plus earbuds after connected to the APP and selecting the mode, a two-way real-time translation can be activated immediately.

How to use WT2 Plus: The mobile phone needs to download the APP, search for "WT2 Plus" or "Timekettle" in the major application markets like Apple Appstore or Google Play, open the APP,  follow the guide to turn on Bluetooth and connect with cellphone, the internet is requested, select the mode to use - Simul Mode, Speak Mode and Touch Mode.

2. Do I need to connect my phone? Is it used independently? Does the other party need to download the APP? Does this need to speak to the phone?

Yes, you need to download the APP for the first time to set up connecting, displaying and language, while It's unnecessary for both of you to download. 

The WT2 Plus has an independent microphone and speaker, it's not MUST to pick up voice via the mobile phone (except for the speak mode); when using the simul mode or touch mode, if you do not need to see the real-time text display, the mobile phone can be put aside, which means it's no need to speak to the phone. Wear the earbuds, talk with your friends/families with eye contact and body language, that's we called "Natural Communication". 

 It can also be used when the APP is running on the screen or in the background, and will not occupy the phone storage or battery much.

3. Is the APP translate everything?

Yes, translation through APP with the algorithm. 

Explain: WT2 Plus is a translation system that includes hardware and software. The core technology is the patented technology based on Bluetooth hardware communication. It is completely different from ordinary Bluetooth translators on the market.  For comment Bluetooth earbuds, it will play music or phone call at the same time, while WT2 Plus can be talking while listening, and also can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

In addition, the automatic voice wake-up and noise cancellation technology on the WT2 Plus are also very distinguished. It can auto-detect and wake up without command words (like Apple needs "Hey Siri" to wake up, "Hey Siri" is the command words, but it's unnecessary for WT2 Plus) and the noise cancellation algorithm makes WT2 Plus also running perfect even in a noisy environment. 

4. Do I need to pay for APP translation services?

There is no extra charge for APP translation service and the APP will also continue to develop new functions for free.

5. Do I need to update APP?

Yes, you need to upgrade to ensure that the software and headphones are the latest versions; generally, you need to upgrade the firmware of the WT2 Plus to the latest version, you can follow the instructions in the APP and complete it in about 2 minutes. There might be more new features updated for free.

6. Is it automatic? Is it necessary to touch the earbuds every time you say a word or just set the language after wearing it and talk directly on both sides?

Both sides wear one earphone and the two earphones translate each other. In simul mode,  it's unnecessary for you to press a button, you can speak and translate directly. There are 3 different modes for WT2 Plus translation:

Simul mode: please ensure that the mobile network is working well. It will translate directly without any further operation, just talk as daily life. It's perfect for silent long-term 

Touch mode: you need to touch the fingerprint mark on the headset or the button in the app to record first and translate later. It's more suitable for noisy environments.

Speak mode: wears the main earbud to speak by yourself, and outspeaks through the mobile phone after translated. You can also record the other party's voice through the mobile phone, and then you can hear the translated content directly in your earbud.

7. What if the other party does not want to wear it? Is it hygienic to share earbud?

WT2 Plus adopts a semi-in-ear design, which does not require to be completely inserted into the ear and multiple silicone earmuffs are provided for replacement; ear hook accessories are provided to hang the earbuds on the ear; if the other party does not want to wear it, it can be used as speak mode.

8. Is it translated in real-time? Simultaneous interpretation? Why wait for a while to translate, isn't it real-time? Is this response fast?

The current translation technology is based on AI translation,  not human translation, but machine translation. Therefore, it is necessary to complete a sentence before it can be translated. The entire process of translation needs to be processed by multiple engines, including speech recognition engine, translation engine and voice output engine, which take time to process. The general delay is 1 ~ 3 seconds. If the network is under bad condition, the delay may be extended. Simul mode can speak and translate at the same time, therefore it will be a delay at the beginning, but the delayed feeling will disappear after the beginning. Offline mode will shorten the delay further.

9. How about translation accuracy?

There is no accurate quantitative standard in the industry. The translation level of major languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, French, etc.) is comparable to the professional level, and other languages can be comparable to the standard level. WT2 Plus partners are iFLYTEK and Google, etc., which are the best engine services in the world. It keeps the accuracy up to 95%.

WT2 Plus is currently sold globally, and the translation is recognized well by international users. It can meet the usage of daily life, travel abroad, general business, social dating and other scenes. The method of use will also affect the accuracy of the translation: please try to use it in a quieter environment, or use complete sentences grammarly, or speak at normal volume and speed, and use it in good network condition. Please try to maintain the integrity of the sentence, and reduce the use of slang, professional words or proprietary words.

10.What if I have an accent?  Can it be accurately translated?

WT2 Plus supports over 93 languages and accents, a slight accent will not affect the speech recognition system; however, a strong accent will affect the translation result. 

11. How many languages are supported? What specific language is supported? How many languages does offline translation support?

We support 40 languages +93 accents in total. Check the supported language in the product page here: 

It is expected to support major languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean for offline mode.

12. Do I need to connect to the Internet?

WT2Plus' online translation needs to be connected to the Internet (4G/5G / WIFI). A smooth network can improve the translation speed and accuracy.  A sentence usually consumes 100kb. The offline translation mode does not consume traffic data. Online translation currently uses an artificial intelligence engine, which is being gradually optimized. It is recommended to use online translation if the network allows.

13. Can it be used abroad?

12 relay servers are deployed globally, as long as the network is smooth, you can free to use abroad. After offline mode released, you can use the WT2 Plus translator even without the network.

14. Is there an offline mode? When will it be launched? How to upgrade? how to use?

The offline mode will be launched in mid-2020 and is currently under intense development and testing.

The offline mode can be upgraded on WT2 Plus (white version) for free. The specific method is to download the offline package in the APP in advance, and you can use offline translation directly when there is no internet. The offline mode only supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other major languages.  The offline mode is to compress and simplify the translation engine that was originally located in the cloud, and then implant it locally on the mobile phone. Therefore, the offline package will occupy some memory of your phone.

15. Can I use WT2 Plus when I am watching videos, listening to news or lectures, taking part in telephone conferences or remote video conferences?

This product is mainly used for face-to-face communication between two people. If it is used in other scenes, the recognition and translation efficiency may be affected. The above scenes you mentioned are not recommended.

16. Can I use WT2 Plus for a multi-person meeting?

This product currently supports up to 6 devices (bilingual) connected to a mobile phone at the same time, can achieve simultaneous interpretation of 2 to 6 people (bilingual), can meet the meeting occasions with a small number of people.

17. Can I use WT2 to learn languages or teach languages?

You can share an earbud with your child or another learner. When you speak one language like Chinese, the child or learner can hear the translated language like English in real-time. It's an effective way to learn a foreign language under an immersive learning environment. 

It is recommended to use the touch mode. You can wear two headphones, firstly, press and hold one of them, and speak a language, you can hear the translated language. Secondly, press and hold the other headset, repeat the language you have just spoken. In this way the voice recognition system can identify whether it is accurate or not, you can review your learning result on your own. 

And we are developing a new education function for kids, there will be more strict educational framework support. Additionally, please adjust the volume not to damage your kids' hearing.

17. What are the requirements for mobile phones?

Mobile phones with iOS 11.0 and above or Android 7.0 and above and Bluetooth 4.2 and above can be used. Some Android phones may not be available due to chip performance limitations. Check the compatibility here: 

18. How do I know the Bluetooth version of my phone?

You need to log in to your phone's official website to check or check the specification in your cellphone user manual.

19. How long does it charge? How long is the battery life?

When the earbuds and the charging box are fully charged, the WT2 Plus earbuds can be used for 3-5 hours, and the storage capacity of the charging box can fully charge the earbuds for 2-3 times. It only takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

20. How far can it be used?

Earbuds and mobile phones are kept within the normal Bluetooth distance, about 5-10 meters (196-393 inch). It depends on the cellphone's Bluetooth. 

21. Can I listen to music? or make a phone call? 

WT2 Plus is a professional voice translator, and does not support functions such as listening to music and making phone calls. But we will release a new version in short term, which can support music and phone call. 

22. What's the difference between WT2 Plus and other translator devices?

Firstly, use it differently. The WT2 Plus is wearable and does not need to be passed around like a microphone; it automatically switches and translates without frequently key pressing. The way of communication is more in line with normal communication habits. 

Secondly, higher efficiency. The simultaneous mode (simul mode) is more efficient than hand-to-hand translation. 

At last, The handheld translator is generally welcomed in asking directions and ordering food. While WT2 Plus is also suitable for long-term communication and closes people. At the same time, the sound is only played in the earbuds, which is more private. 

23. What's the difference between WT2 Plus and other translator earbuds?

Firstly, the translation earbuds on the market is basically an ordinary Bluetooth headset plus an APP, and the translation cannot be achieved without the microphone pickup of the mobile phone, while WT2 Plus can pick up the voice via earbuds directly. 

Secondly, the simultaneous mode cannot be achieved for other translator earbuds, that's the unique feature for WT2 Plus.

At last, for other earbuds,  translation is the only adds-on function and not professional enough, while WT2 Plus is the best in translation. 

24. Does WT2 Plus ship globally? Is there any other channels to buy?

Yes, we ship globally. And here is our official online resellers: 

25. Can I buy it in bulk? Or become one of your resellers or distributors?

Yes, please email to learn more about it.